Writing the extremes

White guy:
I just want to tell you that for many centuries I have been neglected and cursed because of the colour of my skin. My mother has always taught me that the sun has kissed me and poured magic in my hips and feet.
You have been blessed with the white and the terrible dance steps; you haven’t suffered the rejection and the sense of disgust. You don’t know what is like to enter in a place and feel all eyes on you, because people see me as a thief, a pimp, or worse, they just call me black.
That is all I am in the world, a black guy, with big lips and white shiny teeth. I am not a doctor, or a teacher. I am seen as a rapist or a mistake of nature. That is what I am at your eyes, less than you, and my children will have that image also. We are just the legacy of slavery and poorness, and drugs and that music you call devil rap.

I am so more than that, you just have to open your white ears, your blue eyes, your red heart. That is all you have to do. You will see. I am more than that. We all are.

From: A “black” guy


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