Wave poems

He tried to blur the sun
With his finger tips and soul
It was unreachable,
So he said goodbye at last.

They have been together
Since he remembered
He saw him grow, and laugh and cry
He taught him how to love a woman
He made him understand that dreams worth everything
And he also made him understand that we wont be there forever.

He got older, quite older
Wrinkles and white spread through his face and hands
He wanted to stay, he wanted to teach his grandson

He understood how to be a father when he met Benny
And tried to remember the old days
He said to him that the old days were always better
They were different, they smell different, nicer

It smelled like victory, sex, and rock & roll
It smelled like oil and tangerine sodas
It smelled like youth, and dreams and revolution
It once smelled he thought

So he said goodbye to the smells, to the cars and the sex
He said goodbye to his youth and his mistakes
He said goodbye to Benny, and that... that hurt the most.



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