domingo, 25 de enero de 2009

Like venom

You hate my image
You hate my breath,
Your hands full of sweat
Want to maltreat me,
You want to hurt me
Oh! How sweet will it be for you
To see my blood covering the floor.

Your eyes can’t stand seeing me
Your ears abhor my voice

Bulged eyes
Scratched flesh
Burned hands

Every time I pronounce myself
You burst my mouth
Every time I walk
You make me fall
You end my steps
You end with my dreams


Want to kill me. Hurt me. Punish me

You have caved my tomb
And said everyone I’ve died
Have I?
I just know it is hate that crumbles your veins
Up and down
Fast, furious, almost spicy, and hot, like venom
It is just hate


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