The light of the sun is nearly missed through the lines, my hands are dusty and my mouth tastes like copper. It is so cold and moist; it feels like a storm is coming. This place is strange for me, it is black, and grey, and white. It has no other colours than those.
I can feel how my back shivers, how my nose tries to collapse with the smell. It smells like corps, blood and other things I don’t want to think of.
Someone is by my side, and he excuses himself for what he is going to do, he opens his pants, and starts to urinate right beside me. I get wet and I feel sick. Now the floor is all wet, and the smell of urine is penetrating the space. Where am I? I only hear some voices, and shouts and crying. I still feel cold and hungry, but I am mostly scared. Where am I? I asked the guy that just pissed on me and he said that we won’t be outside in a very long time… what does this means? He tells me that I better get used to this jail, this will be my home for a long long time.


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